Laboratory Instrumentation Overview from Froilabo

Laboratory Instrumentation from Froilabo offering ultra low temperature freezers, ovens and temperature control systems

For 100 years, Froilabo has been an expert in the production of laboratory instrumentation focusing on temperature and humidity control. We offer several product lines featuring temperatures ranging from -86°C to +250°C, with accuracies and homogeneities that are rarely achieved on the market.

Laboratory Instrumentation is an assortment of equipment used within laboratories for tests and samples. At Froilabo we understand that choosing the right laboratory instrumentation for temperature control can be difficult, which is why we have summarised our most popular products and their key features in this product overview, to help you make an informed decision.

Ultra low temperature freezers -86°C

Laboratory Instrumentation: Froilabo's range of ultra low temperature freezers.

Our -86°C range of ultra low temperature freezers guarantees maximum protection of your samples at all times. They are manufactured to European standards which means an energy efficient performance saving you money and helping to keep environmental emissions low.

Suited to a multitude of temperature specific requirements, Froilabo offers a wide range of ultra low temperature freezers, offering capacities from 175L up to 1000L, which is the equivalent of 72,000 cryotubes of 2mL.


With unbeatable value for money, the Trust low temperature range of freezers is ideal for long-term sample storage. The proposed volumes range from 340 to 690L.

View the Trust range of low temperature freezers.


Ideal for everyday use with regular door openings, the Evolution range offers many innovative solutions to ensure the safety of your samples with quick low temperature recovery. The volumes range from 340 to 690L.

Discover the Evolution freezer range


Our BM/BMT original ultra low temperature freezers continue to deliver on reliability and efficiency. They come in 2 volumes (175L and 1000L) and are available with standard controller (BM) and touch screen (BMT).

Explore the BM / BMT ultra low temperature freezers


Froilabo’s horizontal freezers capture the best of the BM range and are available in 3 volumes ranging from 340L to 690L.

Explore the BM / BMT ultra low temperature freezers

Low temperature freezers -45°C

Our wide range of -45°C low temperature freezers are designed to suit the most flexible of needs. Freezer capacity ranges from 340L to 690L, the equivalent to 48,000 cryotubes of 2mL, making them perfect for small or large laboratories.


The Trust range of low temperature freezers represents great value for money. They are energy efficient with low emissions, providing fast recovery times and fitted with security back-up alarms, meaning that they are perfect for long-term sample storage.

Discover our Trust models.


The evolution range is ideal for everyday use due to its regular door openings, offering many innovative solutions to ensure the safety of your lab samples and simplify your life.

Discover our Evolution models

Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory Instrumentation - a range of lab ovens from Froilabo.

Our range of ventilated laboratory ovens meet a variety of applications requiring temperatures up to 250°C. They are efficient, reliable and cost-effective and are suited to a wide variety of industrial needs.

Manufactured to accommodate capacities of up to 714 liters, our range of industrial ovens are ideal for research and general laboratory applications and suitable for either compact or large laboratories.


The range of Air Performance industrial ovens has been developed to meet applications that require speed, precision and homogeneity. They are particularly suitable for drying, sterilization and thermal tests and their high efficiency turbine saves time with efficient, rapid drying.

Discover the Air Performance industrial models.


This range of laboratory ovens is designed on the basis of the Air Performance model and includes as standard a set of functions allowing permanent control of the enclosure and complete optimization. A programmable controller and a standard wall passage are also available

Discover the Air Expert laboratory ovens


Froilabo’s range of high performance, ventilated Air Performance ovens can accommodate large volume capacities of up to 714 litres.

View the Air Performance large volume oven range

Laboratory Incubators

Froilabo Laboratory Incubators. Forms part of their laboratory instrumentation portfolio.

Laboratory incubators with natural or forced convection are available with or without refrigeration.

Froilabo’s range of lab incubators provide flexible solutions suited to a variety of applications. They are suitable for large and small laboratories as they support capacities from 60 liters up to 1,300 liters.


Forced convection laboratory incubators provide the user with better temperature uniformity and stability. Forced convection significantly reduces the times for the temperature to rise, stabilise and recover after opening. It also allows a faster return to the set temperature, despite frequent door openings.

Discover our range of forced convection laboratory incubators


Our Bio Refrigerated Expert range of forced convection incubators enable the user to work at temperatures below or close to ambient. This makes them ideal for work on micro-organisms, fungi, cell cultures.

Storage of samples at low temperature (4 ° C) at the end of the cycle offers, among other things, the possibility of increasing the use ranges of the enclosure (night and weekend).

View our Bio Refrigerated Expert Range


Natural convection is suitable for long-term incubations and medical incubations on supports which are potentially sensitive to drying out. This lab incubator is also excellent for applications on powders or the heating of different products and materials.

Browse our Bio Static Performance Range of lab incubators


Suitable for large volumes, our “Coolstores” are ideal for incubation, germination and cultivation applications.
With two temperature ranges of 0 ° C and -20 ° C, the device functionality is extended without altering the metrological performance of homogeneity and stability.

Browse the Coolstore range of large volume incubators.


Large volume forced convection incubators provide the user with better temperature uniformity and stability. In fact, forced convection significantly reduces the times for the temperature to rise, stabilise and recover after opening. It also allows a faster return to the set temperature, despite frequent door openings.

View the Bio Performance range of large volume laboratory incubators.


Forced convection laboratory incubators provide the user with better temperature uniformity and stability. Forced convection significantly reduces the times for the temperature to rise, stabilise and recover after opening. It also allows a faster return to the set temperature, despite frequent door openings.

Discover the Bio Expert range of large volume incubators 

Climatic Chambers

Laboratory Instrumentation

Our range of temperature / humidity climatic chambers offer a variety of temperatures and sizes for all laboratories.

Supporting a range of capacities, the compact SP series is available in 3 volumes from 90 litres to 540 litres. The larger Meditest range offers 2 volumes of 600 litres and 1300 litres.


The SP laboratory climatic chambers are hot – cold – wet – drying models enabling regulation from 0 to 60 ° C and from 5 to 98% of RH. This is variable according to the temperature / humidity pairs. These enclosures make it possible to carry out the majority of thermo-hygrometric tests.

Explore our range of SP laboratory climatic chambers


Meditest climatic chambers have been developed to meet the conditions of stability tests specific to the pharmaceutical industry (ICH tests). They are also suitable for conditioning and aging tests.

Discover the Meditest climate chambers

Temperature Forcing System

Laboratory Instrumentation

The Dragon thermal air conditioner is the perfect laboratory tool for temperature testing.

A first in class thermal air conditioner providing fast and accurate results. This versatile and stable air generator is perfect for heating electronic components and printed circuits, performing climatic simulations, electronic characterisations and targeted freezing.

The Dragon is a versatile air conditioning system in its standard version and can also be customised on request to suit individual requirements.

Discover the Dragon Thermal Air Conditioner

Blast Freezers

Laboratory Instrumentation | Temperature Control

Our blast freezers allow a fast, homogenous and reproducible temperature drop.

Our blast freezer (CRP) is available in 1 single volume: 270L and is suitable for the fast freezing of a variety of products suitable for food or medical use within a laboratory.

The product guarantees a fast temperature drop of up to 11°C in 60 minutes and -30°C in less than 90 minutes.

Discover the best blast freezer for your laboratory.

Serology Water Baths

Laboratory Instrumentation

Froilabo’s small serology water baths are pre-set in the factory at 37 °C and 56 °C.

Available in 2 volumes (3 and 6 liters), their transparent plexiglass tank will allow you to simple control of your samples. The product is very easy to use, with a control interface button which allows the setting of the ambient temperature to between +7°C and +60°C, and preset at the factory to 37°C and 56°C.

A security feature protects the environment in the case of a lack of water and it is complete with a rack for tubes of 14 or 20 mm diameter, a roof-top cover and a bent thermometer.

Discover the Serology Water Bath.

Laboratory Instrumentation from Froilabo

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