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Air Performance Ovens - Large Volume

Air Performance Ovens - Large Volume

The Performance oven range has been developed to comply with all applications requiring speed, precision and homogeneity. It is specifically well adapted for drying, thermal tests and sterilisation. The high efficiency fan will allow you to save precious time.

Product Description

  • 2 volumes
  • 1130 cm wide
  • 100 years of know-how

2 volumes for all your needs

The new generations of high-performance Air Performance ovens have been designed for precision thermal testing of ambient temperature + 10°C to + 250°C. This range of ovens is available in 2 volumes: 414 and 714 liters.

The interface intuitive

The range of Air Performance ovens features easy-to-use control for drying, sterilization and thermal testing. Color display of the set and actual temperature in the oven.

Protection and security

This range of ovens provides total safety for the operator, the environment and the product thanks to its class II overtemperature safety.

A drying oven for your laboratory

Adjustable shelves, a simplified control panel, anti-tilt shelving and an easy closing door guarantee ergonomic work.

Maintenance quick and simple

With its national Service Team, Froilabo can respond quickly to all your requests for intervention and also offer you maintenance contracts.


Reference Description External Dimensions W x D x L (mm) Temperature Range 230V / 50Hz 380V three-phases + N
AP414 Air Performance 414L forced convection oven 1130 x 855 x 1170 Ambient + 10°C to 250°C
AP714 Air Performance 714L forced convection oven 1130 x 855 x 1760 Ambient + 10°C to 250°C


Reference Description
FI/OPT1 Variable flow extractor from 0 to 200m3/hour, external diameter 75mm
AP/OPT7 Additional wall passage 50mm diameter with sealing cap
FI/OPT4 16 segments programmable controller


Internal Equipment

Reference Description
AP/ETA3 Additional stainless steel perforated shelf for AP 414 and 714 (475 x 975mm)