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Bacteria Preservation with Froilabo

Over time, bacteria samples will deteriorate if not stored properly for later use. Bacteria preservation ensure samples are kept at optimal conditions for future use. Discover Froilabo's storage solutions for bacteria preservation.

Fresh Frozen Plasma Storage

Correct fresh frozen plasma storage is vital for safe and efficient treatment of patients with blood clotting disorders in various situations. This article explores fresh frozen plasma preparation, storage and uses and discuss the Froilabo products that can aid your fresh frozen plasma storage.

Evolution Ultra Low Temperature Freezers available in the UK

Our Evolution range of freezers are now available for sale and shipping direct from the UK.

Energy Efficient Biological Sample Storage

Biological sample storage is vital for healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medicinal research. Find out how Froilabo’s ULT Freezers, can efficiently store your biospecimens, securely keeping them in an ideal condition for use at a later date.

Cryopreservation Process, Methods and Storage Solution Explored

The Cryopreservation process is where biological matter (cells, tissue, organs, etc) is preserved by cooling to a very low temperature. Learn more about the cryopreservation process and how Froilabo's Cryovita range can help meet your cryogenic storage needs.

Top Tips: How to Reduce Energy Consumption in the Lab with Froilabo’s ULT Energy Efficient Freezers

Energy Saving Practices with Energy Saving Freezers: reduce your energy consumption & save money. With the dramatic rise in energy prices, laboratories across the globe are looking at ways to reduce energy consumption and save money. Here at Froilabo we have put together some handy tips to help you reduce the energy consumption in your lab. Discover out top tips

Textile Conservation of Historic Fabric in Museums using Freezing Preservation

Historic textile conservation involves the care, restoration and preservation of fabric and woven material. This article looks at freezing preservation for textile conservation, a common technique for killing insects that have managed to find their way into museum collections.

Word Of The Week - 2

Activate your brain and have some fun by attempting to solve our Word of the Week.

How Blast Freezing can Improve your Pharmaceutical Laboratory

When it comes to the storage and preservation of pharmaceuticals, blast freezing is highly beneficial for your business because it is a cost-effective method of ensuring the safety, quality and efficacy of products and samples.

Celebrating World Laboratory Day at Techcomp

At Techcomp, we are delighted to celebrate World Laboratory Day and to play our part with a suite of world-class laboratory products, with operations dating back to 1920. Let’s take a look at some of our key products across the Group and the industries they serve.