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Lab Supply Diary - Frankfurt

Find out how Sales Manager Michael enjoyed the first Lab Supply event of 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Avian Flu: Is it causing a strain on the world?

The current outbreak of avian flu is the worst the world has seen to date, with infections reaching parts of the world that have not been impacted before. As vaccination becomes the most likely solution of the problem, discover how the TRUST freezer can provide safe and reliable storage for vaccines.

How Much are Your Samples Worth?

Sample storage is an often over-looked area in a laboratory – and this isn’t surprising, with the demand for research increasing, a busy laboratory doesn’t have time to think about the type of freezer they are using. In this blog, find out how Froilabo's product range can help ensure sample integrity.

Keeping Aircraft Sealants Safe: A Guide to Safe Storage with ULT Freezers

Aircrafts are essential for transporting people and goods across the world. But have you ever thought about the critical role that sealant plays in maintaining the safety of these machines? If you're in the industry, you probably have. That's why we're here to discuss the best practices for using and storing aircraft sealants.

3 Top Tips for the Care and Maintenance of your Laboratory Incubator

Keeping your laboratory incubator running efficiently relies on essential care and maintenance being carried out. In this article we provide our 3 top tips for keeping your incubator in its best condition.

Temperature Controlled Incubator Applications

Temperature Controlled Incubators are a staple piece of equipment for labs in food and drinks testing, pharmaceutical testing and microbiology. Discover Froilabo’s range of incubators suitable for different applications and industries.

Blood Storage and Preservation

Blood storage is an important process in the blood banking industry as it helps maintain the quality of blood and its medical effectiveness. Blood can be stored in a few different ways, but the most common method is refrigeration.

Heated Laboratory Water Bath Function and Uses

A Heated Laboratory Water Bath is a key piece of equipment for many laboratories. In this article, discover the function and applications for Froilabo’s temperature controlled water baths.

Our Holiday Opening Hours

Froilabo’s offices will be closed the weekend of Christmas, 24th and 25th of December. As well as the New Year weekend, 31st December 2022, and 1st January 2023.

Froilabo Team Visit APHP Facility in Paris

Following the announcement of a four-year contract with APHP for the supply and maintenance of temperature controlled medical and scientific lab equipment, Froilabo staff were delighted to pay a visit to the hospital to see their ULT freezers in use.