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3 Top Tips for the Care and Maintenance of your Laboratory Incubator

Keeping your laboratory incubator running efficiently relies on essential care and maintenance being carried out. In this article we provide our 3 top tips for keeping your incubator in its best condition.

Temperature Controlled Incubator Applications

Temperature Controlled Incubators are a staple piece of equipment for labs in food and drinks testing, pharmaceutical testing and microbiology. Discover Froilabo’s range of incubators suitable for different applications and industries.

What is a Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank and What is it Used for?

Froilabo's Liquid Nitrogen Dewar is designed for the safe storage & dispensing of liquid nitrogen. Find out more about the use of an LN2 storage tank for cold chain storage storage.

Blood Storage and Preservation

Blood storage is an important process in the blood banking industry as it helps maintain the quality of blood and its medical effectiveness. Blood can be stored in a few different ways, but the most common method is refrigeration.

Heated Laboratory Water Bath Function and Uses

A Heated Laboratory Water Bath is a key piece of equipment for many laboratories. In this article, discover the function and applications for Froilabo’s temperature controlled water baths.

Our Holiday Opening Hours

Froilabo’s offices will be closed the weekend of Christmas, 24th and 25th of December. As well as the New Year weekend, 31st December 2022, and 1st January 2023.

Liquid Nitrogen Drinks and Desserts

Liquid nitrogen drinks and desserts, also known as nitro desserts or nitro drinks, are gaining popularity all over the world. This article explore the use of liquid nitrogen in cooking and drinks. Find out more about this new area of food and drink in our latest blog.

Bioreactor Design Evolution

Understand the bioreactor design and the history of bioreactors as this article explores the history and bioreactor parts and their functions.

What are Bioreactors?

A bioreactor is a vessel in which raw materials are converted to product by the action of living organisms. A bioreactor provides the optimal environment for cells and microorganisms to grow by maintaining pH, temperature, gas, and nutrient supply. Find out more about bioreactors, the types of bioreactors, their design, uses and applications, in this blog.

What is Biotechnology and What is it Used for?

Biotechnology is a process which is based on biological systems and living organisms, from which products are synthesized. Such processes have been used for thousands of years to produce and preserve food products. In the modern day, biotechnology has applications within medical research, agriculture, and industrial manufacture. Discover what biotechnology is and what it is used for in our latest