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Technical Note: Evolution Lab Freezer Performance

Ensuring lab freezer performance is integral to protecting the safety and viability of your samples. In this technical note, discover how recent improvements to the Evolution Ultra Low Temperature freezer keeps samples safe from unexpected power outages by maintaining a safe temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Dragon - Froilabo's Temperature Forcing System

At Froilabo we value our customers and prioritise the clarity of information we provide. We have therefore created a FAQs page specifically for our Temperature Forcing System, The Dragon, to ensure that nothing stands in your way of getting the optimal use out of our product. Below you will find a series of frequently asked questions. If we have not answered your question, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Application Note: Freezing Kinetics of Plasma Bags

The Froilabo CRP Blast Freezer is designed to rapidly freeze blood plasma in preparation for long term storage in ULT freezers. To preserve the quality and function of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) the freezing process must be rapid and homogeneous.


An agitator is an element of a process unit intended to ensure the homogenization of a medium (homogenization from the point of view of the components of the medium and/or the temperature).

Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is a piece of equipment designed to generate an air flow at extreme temperatures and to simulate temperatures in a very short time, in order to test the resistance of different objects.


It is called “cryogenics” the production and study of low temperatures – temperatures inferior to -150°C – and the physical phenomenon that are linked.


Small containers of different sizes and sterile allowing to stock biological samples.

Cascade Compressors

Installation with numerous cooling circuits called “cascade” because it consists in the setting of many cooling systems with temperatures more and more low. The evaporator of the first circuit is used to cool the condenser of the second circuit.


The F-gas is a norm linked to Montréal and Kyoto protocols concerning the regulation of refrigerants in the European Union.


Innovation (in something): the introduction of new things, ideas, or ways of doing something

Innovation (in something): a new idea, way of doing something, etc. that has been introduced or discovered