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  • Using Biotechnology in Food Production

    Bioreactors offer a wide array of benefits in food and beverage production. With the ability to control environmental factors such as temperature, pH, oxygen concentration, and nutrient supply, these versatile devices are ideal for the production of various food and beverage products.
  • Bioreactors For Pharmaceuticals

    The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on bioreactors to support a wide range of biological research applications, from cell therapy to vaccine development. Find out about the role of bioreactors in pharmaceuticals in this fascinating article.
  • What Makes Our Bioreactors One of A Kind

    Our bioreactors are truly remarkable and unlike any other on the market. Experience the power of our bioreactors for yourself and see why they are one of a kind!
  • Cryogenic Process and Cryo Storage Solutions from Froilabo

    The cryogenic process for biological samples can involve lots of considerations to maximise cell viability after long term cryo storage. Discover the solutions that Froilabo offer to improve preparation, freezing, storage, thawing and shipping of your cryogenic samples.

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