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  • The Avian Flu: Is it causing a strain on the world?

    The current outbreak of avian flu is the worst the world has seen to date, with infections reaching parts of the world that have not been impacted before. As vaccination becomes the most likely solution of the problem, discover how the TRUST
  • How Much are Your Samples Worth?

    Sample storage is an often over-looked area in a laboratory – and this isn’t surprising, with the demand for research increasing, a busy laboratory doesn’t have time to think about the type of freezer they are using. In this blog, find out
  • Utilisation de la biotechnologie dans la production alimentaire

    Bioreactors offer a wide array of benefits in food and beverage production. With the ability to control environmental factors such as temperature, pH, oxygen concentration, and nutrient supply, these versatile devices are ideal for the production of various food and beverage products.
  • Bioreactors For Pharmaceuticals

    The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on bioreactors to support a wide range of biological research applications, from cell therapy to vaccine development. Find out about the role of bioreactors in pharmaceuticals in this fascinating article.

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