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Bio Memory -86°C Freezer (Chest Style)

Bio Memory -86°C Freezer (Chest Style)

Original Design: The Bio Memory range was Froilabo’s first ULT freezer range and has become a symbol of exemplary performance and reliability. The horizontal (chest style) freezer design offers high storage capacity and has excellent temperature homogeneity.

Maximum Sample Protection: BoSS (Board Substitution) system that powers compressors in the event of electronic fault.

Product Description

The original Froilabo ULT

The Bio Memory range of chest freezers is available in 3 volumes, 340 L, 515 L and 690 L.

Economical storage

Since the freezers are opened from the top there is little opportunity for the cold air to sink out of the freezer, meaning they maintain temperature exceptionally well despite regular door openings.

Carefully designed

– Easy access to samples
– Key lock for additional security
– Inner tank stainless steel

Wide Range of optional interior equipment

– Full range of vertical storage elements.

After sales service the protection of your samples

The Froilabo After-Sales Service is made up of a team of technicians specializing in -86 ° C freezers to maintain your equipment and guarantee the protection of your samples.

Refrigerants compliant with the new F-Gas regulations

As global warming and ecology in general are at the heart of our concerns, the refrigerants used in all Froilabo freezers comply with the new F-Gas regulations (EU No. 517/2014).

Now introducing our Cryobox Cryotube Holders, which are suitable for use with Froilabo’s ULT freezers and cryogenic storage systems.


Reference Description External dimensions H x W x D (mm) Natural gas version
BMH 340 Chest freezer -86°C 340L 1032 x 1380 x 920
BMH 515 Chest freezer -86°C 515L 1032 x 1740 x 920
BMH 690 Chest freezer -86°C 690L 1032 x 2100 x 920


Reference Description
BM/CO2 Liquid CO2 injection backup system (autonomy 15h, flexible 3m included)
BM/OPT2 Pt 100 ohms 4-20 mA x3 probe (-100°C to +50 °C ), terminal block output at the back
BM/OPT3 Thermocouple type K probe (-100°C to +50 °C), terminal block output at the back
BM/OPT4 Pt 100 ohms x3 probe (-100°C to +50 °C ), DIN output at the back
BM/OPT5 Sensor with 3m cable length for field calibration outside the freezer
BM/OPT6 Temperature sensor delivered with its certificate of conformity
BM/OPT7 Battery temperature recorder 0 ° C to -100 ° C with circular diagram 1tr / 7 days.
BM/QIQO Provision of a QI/QO file and realization of the on-site performance

Internal Equipment

Reference Description
BM/7EBV Vertical element with housings for 7 cryoboxes 133 x 133 x 95 mm
BM/12EBV Vertical element with housings for 12 cryoboxes 133 x 133 x 51 mm
BM/PAN Stainless steel storage basket with integrated handle