Maybe do you know this island by name, or you already visited this part of the world, but do you know fun facts about Iceland?

Iceland is a country full of breath-taking landscapes. Far from typical ones that can be observed in France, it’s a land between ice and fire. It is also balanced between midnight sun during summer and northern lights in winter. Anyway, you sure understood that it’s an island that has a lot to offer.

To make you discover this country, here’s some fun facts quite astonishing that you may not know. These could give you the wish to go there!

First, with this kind of name, one could think that it’s a land essentially composed of ice. But in fact, it is composed only of 10% of it. And the glacier the most important is named Vatnajökull and has a surface of around 8,300 km2 to covers nearly 8 % of the territory. It’s also the largest glacier in Europe.

Then, Iceland is a volcano land that possesses various ones. It has in fact more than 200 craters with 130 of them that are actives.

Concerning the repartition of population, Iceland is inhabited on only 20 % of its territory and gathers the majority of its unhabitants in its capital city, Reykjavik.

About temperatures, even if this island is situated close to the North Pole, it is quite temperate. Indeed, during winter temperatures are around 0 °C and during summer times between 10°C and 20 °C. So even if it’s a country where one could think that winter is quite harsh, it’s not the case. But it is far from the -45°C reached by our low temperature freezers.

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