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Evolution -45°C Freezer

Evolution -45°C Freezer

Sample security: The Evolution freezer has been designed and optimised for daily use with frequent door openings.

Freezer performance: Priority has been given to fast temperature recovery without compromising the power consumption.

Product innovation: Real world experience and listening to our customers has led to the development of the Evolution freezer. Several innovations have been patented.

Simplicity of maintenance and diagnosis: 12 LEDs facilitate real time monitoring of freezer status and allow for quick detection in the event of an alarm.

UK stock available

Product Description

A reliable solution for any laboratory

The Evolution range consists of 3 volumes: 340, 515 and 690 L to store up to 48,000 cryotubes (2 mL) with a minimum footprint.

Clear interface

Large touch screen that centralises all functions of the freezer and allows intuitive operation, even when wearing standard laboratory gloves.

Active monitoring of your samples

– Diagnostic menu: instant display of freezer operating parameters.
– Visual and audible alarms: variety of alarms including temperature, door opening, pressure, power supply and many other parameters.
– History of events: the freezer records temperature, alarm events and other parameters.
– Access control: the freezer settings are password protected and the door can be locked to restrict access.

A freezer created for your laboratory

– Freezer width of 87.5 cm regardless of the volume (possibility to pass 80 cm wide doors by dismounting the door handle).
– Compartments of identical size on all volumes.
– Removable gates for quick cleaning out of the freezer.
– Removable cassette filter that can be cleaned and easily interchanged.
– Heated door seal and anti frost formation to aid easy door openings.
– Stainless steel inner bowl with rounded edges for easy cleaning.

Wide range of optional interior equipment

– Sliding and anti-tilting shelves.
– Complete range of lateral access racks.
– Complete range of drawer storage units.
– Drawers suitable for storing microplates.
– Baskets suitable for bulk storage.
– Possibility of realization of custom storage elements.

Refrigerants compliant with the new F-Gas regulations

As global warming and ecology in general are at the heart of our concerns, the refrigerants used in all Froilabo freezers comply with the new F-Gas regulations (EU No. 517/2014).

Power Cord Options

Product Range Rated Supply Plug Type Socket
Evolution Voltage 230V ~ +/-10%, 50 Hz, protected by aM 12 A fuse. CEE-77 Plug Type E / F
Voltage 110V ~ +/-10%, 50/60 Hz, protected by aM 20 A fuse. NEMA L6-20P plug NEMA L6-20R

UK Shipping

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (ULT) UKOur Evolution range of Low Temperature freezers is now available for sale and shipping direct from the UK. Find out more about our UK sales and distribution.


Reference Description Dimensions extérieures (H x W x L)
BM Evolution 340 Vertical Freezer -45°C 340L 1280 x 970 x 875
BM Evolution 515 Vertical Freezer -45°C 515L 1640 x 970 x 875
BM Evolution 690 Vertical Freezer -45°C 690L 1990 x 970 x 875

Internal Equipment

Reference Description
BM/ETA2 Extra shelf made of stainless steel (W x D: 597 x 743 mm)
BM/EL2T690A 2 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL3T690A 3 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL4T690A 4 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL5T690A 5 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL6T690A 6 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL3E690AC Aluminum compartmentalized side access rack, 15 compartments
BM/EL4E690AC Aluminum compartmentalized side access rack, 20 compartments
BM/EL5E690AC Aluminum compartmentalized side access rack, 25 compartments
BM/EL6E690AC Aluminum compartmentalized side access rack, 30 compartments
BM/EL2T690 2 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL3T690 3 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL4T690 4 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL5T690 5 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL6T690 6 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/TIR Stainless steel storage drawer (142x740x330 mm)
BM/ELE690 5-column stainless steel storage unit, up to 30 compartments, removable shelves