Evolution ULT Available in the UK

Evolution Low Temperature Freezers available direct in the UK

Our Evolution range of Low and Low Ultra Low Temperature freezers are now available for sale and shipping direct from the UK.

With temperatures of -86°C, they are designed to protect the sample, the user and the environment.

Why Choose the Evolution Low Temperature Freezer

  • Colour Touchscreen and password protection for sample security and monitoring of Freezer performance
  • Manufactured and approved to EN60068-3-11, the only European standard in force
  • Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) as standard on our range enabling compact footprint and thermal stability
  • Green Gas refrigeration gases leading to lower environmental impact and energy saving performance
  • Security back-ups and alarms
  • Range of options from 340L to 690L units (up to 48000 samples)
  • 690L 86°C units available from stock in our UK warehouse
  • Manufactured in Europe.
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty (5 years for compressors, parts only)
  • Specialist shipping and installation services from our selected partners to assist with siting, unpacking and removal of waste material

Discover the Evolution

For further information and to make an enquiry, explore the range of our UK office at sales@edinst.com.

Evolution Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-86°C)

Evolution Low Temperature Freezers (-45°C)