Reference Description External dimensions W x D x H (mm) Capacity Product datasheet
BMP30 Thermostatic water bath 3L 360 x 120 x 130 3L
BMP60 Thermostatic water bath 6L 370 x 210 x 150 6L
Reference Description
BMP30/C Roof-like plexiglass lid with thermometer holder for BMP30
BMP60/C Roof-like plexiglass lid with thermometer holder for BMP60
BMP/1 Rack 30 test tubes. Diameter 14 mm. 2 emplacement in BMP60
BMP/2 Rack 30 test tubes. Diameter 20 mm. 2 emplacement in BMP60
BMP/THERMO Angled thermometer for BMP30 and BMP60

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up to 6L of capacity
up to 60 tubes of 14mm diameter
°C factory setting

Specially designed for serology

Available in 2 volumes (3 and 6 liters), their transparent plexiglass tank will allow you to simple control of your samples. Very easy to use, its control interface via a button allows the setting of the ambient temperature + 7°C to + 60°C and preset at the factory to 37°C and 56°C.

Security in case of lack of water allows the protection of the environment. Ability to complete with a rack for tubes of 14 or 20 mm diameter, a roof-top cover and a bent thermometer.

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