Reference Description External dimensions H x W x L (mm) Natural gas version Product datasheet
BMTRU34086 Vertical freezer -86°C 340L 1280 x 970 x 875
BMTRU51586 Vertical freezer -86°C 515L 1640 x 970 x 875
BMTRU69086 Vertical freezer -86°C 690L 1990 x 970 x 875
BMTRU34086G Vertical freezer -86°C 340L Naturals gases 1280 x 970 x 875
BMTRU51586G Vertical Freezer -86°C 515L Natural gases 1640 x 970 x 875
BMTRU69086G Vertical freezer -86°C 690L Naturals gases 1990 x 970 x 875
Reference Description
BM/ES515 1 extractable shelf for BM515 and BM690
BM/ES690 2 extractable shelves for BM690 only
BM/ETA2 Stainless steel extra shelf (W x D: 597 x 743 mm) ( 23.5 x 29.3 in.)
BM/CO2T Liquid CO2 injection backup system (autonomy 15h, flexible 3m included)
BM/CRYO2E Cryo-accumulators for BM340 (+/- 6h of additional autonomy)
BM/CRYO3E Cryo-accumulators for BM515 (+/- 6h of additional autonomy)
BM/CRYO4E Cryo-accumulators for BM690 (+/- 6h of additional autonomy)
BM/OPT19 BoSS System (factory installation)
BM/OPT20 Padlock closure (customer supplied)
BM/OPT4E Pt 100 ohms x3 probe (-100°C to +50 °C ), DIN output at the back
BM/OPT5E Sensor with 3m cable length for field calibration outside the freezer
BM/OPT7E Temperature recorder (battery) 0°C to 100°C with circular diagram 1rev / 7days
BM/OPT13E 4 - 20 mA output
BM/OPT18E Dry contacts NO/C/NC
BM/QIQO Provision of a QI / QO file and realization of the on-site performance
Reference Description
BM/EL2T690 2 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL2T690A 2 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL3T690 3 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL3T690A 3 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL4T690 4 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL4T690A 4 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL5T690 5 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL5T690A 5 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL6T690 6 stainless steel drawers unit
BM/EL6T690A 6 drawer aluminium unit, stainless steel body
BM/EL3E690AC Aluminum compartmentalized side access rack, 15 compartments
BM/EL4E690AC Aluminum compartmentalized side access rack, 20 compartments
BM/EL5E690AC Aluminum compartmentalized side access rack, 25 compartments
BM/EL6E690AC Aluminum compartmentalized side access rack, 30 compartments
BM/ELE690 5-column stainless steel storage unit, up to 30 compartments, removable shelves
BM/TIR Stainless steel storage drawer (142x740x330 mm)

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hours to go down from +20°C to -80°C
cm wide
boxes of 2ml
years of know-how

3 volumes for all your needs

The Trust range consists of 3 volumes: 340, 515 and 690L to store up to 48,000 cryotubes of 2mL (480 cryobones) with a minimum footprint.

A Clear and refined Interface

A large OK display allows you to check the operation of the freezer at a glance.
7 pictograms of alarms under OK allow to identify at a glance an alarm


Protection and Safety

The TRUST range has been designed for maximum safety thanks to a robust design:
- The most reliable cold production system on the market: two compressors in cascade,
- Automatic reactivation of the buzzer in the event of a long alarm,
- Degraded mode: in case of breakage of the temperature sensor, the freezer goes into alarm and produces cold continuously,
- BoSS system (optional).

A freezer created for your laboratory

- Freezer width of 87.5 cm regardless of the volume (possibility to pass 80 cm wide doors by dismounting the door handle),
- Compartments of identical size on all volumes,
- Removable gates for quick cleaning out of the freezer,
- Removable cassette filter that can be cleaned and easily interchanged,
- Heated door seal and anti frost formation,
- Heated decompression valve for instant reopening of the door
- Stainless steel inner bowl with rounded edges for easy cleaning,
- Management of the position of the samples in the optional freezer.

Easy Preventive maintenance

- Modular electronics plug & play,
- Removable cold unit,
- Service Froilabo: a team of technicians specialized in low temperature cold to maintain your freezers,
- 7 icons for quick detection of the fault generating an alarm.

Refrigerants compliant with the new F-Gas regulations

As global warming and ecology in general are at the heart of our concerns, the refrigerants used in all Froilabo freezers comply with the new F-Gas regulations (EU No. 517/2014).

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