Reference Description External dimensions H x W x L (mm) Natural Gas Version Plug
BM Evolution 340 Vertical freezer -86°C 340L 1280 x 970 x 875
BM Evolution 515 Vertical Freezer -86°C 515L 1640 x 970 x 875
BM Evolution 690 Vertical freezer -86°C 690L 1990 x 970 x 875

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hours to go down from + 20°C to -80°C
cm wide
boxes of 2ml
years of know-how

3 volumes for all your needs

The Evolution range consists of 3 volumes: 340, 515 and 690L to store up to 48000 2mL cryotubes (480 boxes) with a minimum footprint.

A large touch screen for a clear interface

Large touch screen that centralises all functions of the freezer and allows intuitive operation.

Active monitoring of your samples

" - BOSS system, - CMS system, - Continuous recording of the freezer temperature, - Diagnostic menu (instant display of freezer operating parameters), - 20 differentiated alarms, - History of events, - Access to the settings of the freezer locked by password. "

A freezer created for your laboratory

- Freezer width of 87.5 cm regardless of the volume (possibility to pass 80 cm wide doors by dismounting the door handle), - compartments of identical size on all volumes, - Removable gates for quick cleaning out of the freezer, - Removable cassette filter that can be cleaned and easily interchanged, - Heated door seal and anti frost formation, - Stainless steel inner bowl with rounded edges for easy cleaning, - Management of the position of the samples in the optional freezer.

Wide range of interior equipment

- Sliding and anti-tilting shelves (optional), - Complete range of lateral access racks, - Complete range of drawer storage units, - Drawers suitable for storing microplates, - Baskets suitable for bulk storage, - Possibility of realization of custom storage elements.

Preventative maintenance and simplified

- Diagnostic Menu, - Modular electronics plug & play, - Removable cold unit, - Service Froilabo: a team of technicians specialized in low temperature cold to maintain your freezers, - 12 LEDs for quick detection of the fault generating an alarm.

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