Reference Description External dimensions W x D x H (mm) Optional xPRO regulator Stainless steel version optional Shelves provided Product datasheet
MPR130 130L Glass Door Enclosure 530 x 640 x 840 2
MPR270 270L Glass Door Enclosure 600 x 650 x 1640 2
MPR440 440L Glass Door Enclosure 600 x 700 x 1920 3
MPR530 530L Glass Door Enclosure 750 x 700 x 2100 3
MPR625 625L Glass Door Enclosure 750 x 820 x 2100 3
MPR1365 1365L Glass Door Enclosure 1500 x 820 x 2100 6
MPR370 370L Glass Door Enclosure 600 x 650 x 2020 2
Reference Description
MPRROUL10 Kit wheels (rollers) for model 130L
MPRROUL15 Wheels kit for model 270/440L
MPRROUL20 Wheels kit for model 530/625/1365L
MPRCLE10 Key lock for 130L to 625L models
MPRCLE20 Key lock for 1365L model
MPRUSB USB port for xPRO screen data recovery
PHARMACABLE 35 mm diameter cable entry with silicone plug
MPRGSM GSM module for alarm reporting with telephony
Reference Description
MPRTIR10 Stainless steel drawer for model 130L
MPRTIR20 Stainless steel drawer for model 270L
MPRTIR30 Stainless steel drawer for model 440L
MPRTIR40 Stainless steel drawer for model 530L
MPRTIR50 Stainless steel drawer for modeld 625L et 1365L
MPRSEP20 Separators for drawers MPRTIR20 and MPRTIR30
MPRSEP30 Separators for drawers MPRTIR10, MPRTIR40 and MPRTIR50
MPRCLAY10 Shelf for model 130L
MPRCLAY20 Shelf for model 270L
MPRCLAY30 Shelf for model 440L
MPRCLAY40 Shelf for model 530L
MPRCLAY50 Shelf for 625L and 1365L models
MPRPAN20 Stainless steel basket for 625L and 1365L models

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°C set temperature
°C maximum EMT
L of maximum usable volume

Wide range of volumes

Froilabo refrigerated cabinets are available in a wide range of volumes, from 130L to 1365L, to meet all needs.

The unique construction of the refrigeration unit of these refrigerated enclosures makes it possible to regulate in all circumstances at + 5 ° C +/- 3 ° C, thus respecting the requirements of COFRAC.

The interface clear and intuitive

Located in the upper part of the refrigerated chamber, the regulator display continuously displays the internal temperature, with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C.

During an alarm, the display alternately displays the information of the current event and the internal temperature.

A colour graphic screen optional

The optional xPRO controller is equipped with a colour display, providing a user-friendly interface.

Wide range of options

MPR refrigerated cabinets come standard with wire shelves, suitable for most applications, and other interior fittings can be offered as compartmentalized stainless steel drawers or wire baskets for every volume.

A wide range of options is also available, including cable runs (35mm diameter with silicone plug), wheel kits, key locks or a telephone alarm reporting module.

Refrigerants compliant with the new F-Gas regulations

As global warming and ecology in general are at the heart of our concerns, the refrigerants used in the refrigerated enclosures comply with the new F-Gas regulations (EU No. 517/2014).

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