Reference Description External dimensions W x D x H (mm) Temperature range Relative humidity range Product datasheet
SP90BVEHF Climatic chamber 90L 830 x 520 x 1 190 10 to 60°C 10 to 95% RH
SP260BVEHF Climatic chamber 330L 960 x 670 x 1 770 10 to 60°C 10 to 98% RH
SP540BVEHF Climatic chamber 540L 1080 x 820 x 1 870 10 to 60°C 10 to 98% RH
Reference Description
SP/KEY Lock for SP90 to SP540
SP/ALA Dry contact for alarm reporting for SP90 to SP540
SP/TEMP Additional temperature probe type Pt100 OHMS
SP/HR Additional humidity sensor
SP/LIGHT D/N Simulation (except SP 90) 2 lighting levels, under the ceiling and under 1 shelf
SP/OPT1 Wall passage diameter 50 mm top left + airtightness cap
SP/OPT2 Deionized water auto-supply for SP90 to SP540, inlet pressure 1 to 5 bar
MEDI/QIQO Provision of an IQ/QO file and realization of the service on the customer site
Reference Description
SP90/ETA Additional shelf for SP90 (460 x 400 mm)
SP90/ETAR Reinforced extra shelf (supports 40 Kg) for SP90 (460 x 400 mm)
SP260/ETA Additional shelf for SP260 (600 x 550 mm)
SP260/ETAR Reinforced extra shelf (supports 40 Kg) for SP260 (600 x 550 mm)
SP540/ETA Additional shelf for SP540 (700 x 700 mm)
SP540/ETAR Reinforced extra shelf (supports 40 Kg) for SP540 (700 x 700 mm)

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% maximum relative humidity
L of maximum usable volume
°C maximum

3 volumes for all your needs

The SP range is available in 3 volumes: 90, 330 and 540L to meet all your needs.

Intuitive Use

The SP climatic chambers are equipped with 2 independent regulators for simple use. The display makes it possible to simultaneously display the Temperature and % HR setpoint, as well as the actual Temperature and %HR.

Wide operating range

SP climatic chambers generate cold, heat, humidity and are equipped with an air dryer to cover the widest possible range of operation, to meet all needs.

Wide range of options

All range of options is available to answer all the requests: choice of type of water supply (connected directly to your purified water network or via a manual feed tray), lighting, timer, etc.

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