Heated Laboratory Water Bath Function and Uses

A heated water bath is a piece of lab equipment used to heat samples or reactions to a set temperature. A temperature controlled water bath is useful in any laboratory for heating reactions, thawing samples, maintaining sample temperature or incubation.

Temperature controlled water baths allow users to choose their conditions | heated water bath

How to use a Heated Water Bath

Before switching on the water bath, the water reservoir should be filled with distilled water to the indicated level, above the heating element. Tap water should be avoided to prevent mineral build up. The water bath should then be turned on and the temperature set. Once the water bath has reached the set temperature it is ready to be used. Samples can be carefully placed in the chamber using appropriate racking.

Applications of Heated Water Bath

Heated water baths can be used for a number of applications in different laboratories and industries.

Thawing – samples are often frozen during research and diagnostics for further study later. When it is time to use the frozen samples, they must be slowly thawed to avoid damage if heated too quickly. Temperature controlled water baths enable safe, gentle heating of samples to ensure their quality.

Incubation – During biological studies, cell cultures require different growing conditions such as light, temperature, humidity and oxygen. For laboratories who need to incubate a small number of samples, a water bath can be a great alternative to purchasing an incubator, with Froilabo’s water bath offering an enclosed, heated environment for incubation.

Heated Water Bath can be used for cell culture incubation

Chemical reactions – Chemical reactions sometimes require heating but are sensitive to open flame and oil baths can present hazards such as fire and a risk of users being burned. Heated water baths offer a safer alternative for mild heated reactions.

Heated Water bath from Froilabo

Froilabo’s heated water bath is available in two sizes so that users can select the optimal volume for their work. It allows users to heat samples between 7 and 60 °C with pre-set factory conditions at 37.5 °C for biological reactions and 56 °C for heat inactivation of proteins, viruses and bacteria.Froilabo Heated Water BathTo give users ease of mind for their sample safety and to prevent contamination, Froilabo water baths can be equipped with a plexiglass roof-like lid that also holds a thermometer for constant temperature monitoring. The lid also prevents heat loss, so the water bath requires less power to maintain the set temperature. The full structure of the water bath is transparent so users can fully observe their samples and reactions.

For reaction efficiency and to save lab time and costs, racks are available to fit up to 30 test tubes in the heated water bath at one time, allowing multiple samples to be heated at once.

To find out more about our temperature-controlled water bath and how it can function in your laboratory, contact our sales team today who will be happy to help you.

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