Top Tips: How to Reduce Energy Consumption with Froilabo’s ULT Energy Efficient Freezers

Energy Saving Practices for your Laboratory Freezer

With the dramatic rise in energy prices, laboratories across the globe are looking at ways to reduce energy consumption and save money.

As we all attempt to make energy reductions, we’ve put together some handy top tips to help you reduce your energy consumption in the laboratory. Combined with our energy efficient freezers, our best practices will help keep your Ultra-Low Temperature freezer running smoothly and reduce energy consumption in the lab.

Energy Saving Practices | Energy Efficient Freezer 

Discover the Best Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption using an Energy Efficient Freezer

The energy consumption of a ULT Freezer is influenced by many factors, including the performance of the freezer and the way it is used. Froilabo provides users with information to help reduce the energy consumption of their equipment. Follow our top tips to get the most out of your freezer.

No one uses an empty freezer

Beware of manufacture performance and economy class measured with empty freezers in low temperature environments. Froilabo ULT Freezers operate and are measured in the real world with large numbers of samples and realistic ambient temperatures.

ULT Freezer in use

This is the only significant measure of the real power consumption of a ULT Freezer. It is greatly influenced by the set temperatures, the frequency of door opening, the ambient temperature, the filter cleanliness, the power supply stability and many more factors.

Guide to Reduce Energy Consumption

The user can significantly reduce energy consumption by optimising operating conditions, environment and paying attention to the equipment and settings.

Eco Mode

Ability to minimise the power consumption of the freezer outside usual working hours

Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensors will only activate the screen when a user is present to conserve power

Energy Performances Indicator

A coloured indicator gives in real time the energetical comfort zone of the device. Green, yellow or red, the user is informed of the freezer’s energy performance.

Best Practices Tutorial

Recommendations and tips to guide users influencing power consumption: ambient, cleanliness of the filter, door opening frequency etc.

You can make further savings by running your ULT at -70C.

Eco Mode Fundamentals

Customisable and effective, Eco Mode will help you reduce your energy consumption

Ways to reduce energy consumption

Further Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

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