COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Storage

COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Storage | Froilabo Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

COVID -19 Vaccine Overview

The development of a COVID-19 vaccine by drug manufacturers has been welcomed across the globe. A key concern, however, is the safe distribution of the vaccines worldwide. This may cause some challenges for certain vaccines. Certain vaccines must be kept at an extremely cold temperature of -70C (-94F), much lower than the average temperature capabilities of an average freezer. The vaccine cannot be removed from this low temperature more than four times.

As a result of these concerns, manufactures have designed specific packaging using dry ice which can keep the vaccine cold enough, but only for a few weeks without ultra low temperature freezers. Due to the fact that most vaccines do not require such low-temperature storage, there is no widespread infrastructure of these freezers in place and local GPs and other smaller medical outlets are unlikely to have one. As vaccination programs are now being rolled out across the world, we take a look at the ultra low temperature solutions provided by Froilabo which are capable of safely storing the vaccine.

Froilabo’s Range of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Froilabo’s ultra-low temperature freezers can provide a solution for an exceedingly low temperature storage. Our ultra-low temperature freezers, also known as ULT freezers, typically have a temperature range of -45 ° C to -86 ° C and are used for the storage of drugs, enzymes, chemicals, bacteria and other samples.

Our low temperature freezers are available in various designs and sizes depending on how much storage is needed. There are generally two versions, an upright freezer or a chest freezer with access from the upper part. The internal storage volume can generally start from an internal capacity of 200 liters up to a maximum capacity of 1,000 liters. It typically has shelves on the inside where research samples are placed and each shelf is closed by an internal door in order to maintain the temperature as uniform as possible.

Our -86 ° C range of ultra low temperature freezers guarantees maximum protection of samples at all times. Protecting the sample, the user and the environment, our low temperature freezers are manufactured to European standards which means an energy efficient performance saving you money and helping to keep environmental emissions low.

Why Choose a Froilabo Ultra Low Temperature Freezer?

There are a multitude of benefits when buying a Froilabo freezer. All of Froilabo’s low temperature freezers are manufactured and approved according to EN60068-3-11, the only standard in force in Europe. This means that they perform efficiently, saving the user money as well as helping the environment by keeping emissions low.

With rapid pull-down times, this means that freezers can quickly reach their desired temperature following installation or after a manual defrost.

In addition, Froilabo’s Freezers have a fast recovery time and can swiftly return to the desired temperatures in instances such as if someone has the door open. This is important because it prevents samples being ruined if they stray from their intended temperature.

Furthermore, Froilabo low temperature freezers offer peace of mind with security back-ups and alarms. This can be extremely helpful in case someone has accidently unplugged a freezer that is in use. This could be a disaster resulting in ruined samples. However with a Froilabo freezer the alarm would sound to alert the user that it had switched off.

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