Laboratory Scale Bioreactors and Fermenters

Configurable Laboratory Scale Bioreactors

The fully configurable stirred-tank bioreactor range from Froilabo covers a wide range of bioreactor applications including academia, research, process development & optimisation, scale up and production. With configurable hardware and software, the Froilabo bioreactor offers an intuitive solution that aligns with your unique requirements and compliance needs.

Our benchtop bioreactors are suitable for microbial fermentation (fungi, yeast, or bacteria) and cell cultivation (mammalian or plant cells) processes. Featuring a novel magnetic mixer and non-welded lid, our vessels are ideal for bioprocesses which require high-grade aseptic conditions. The autoclavable single walled borosilicate glass vessels are available in three different volumes to make process scaling simple.

Explore Froilabo’s fully automated laboratory scale bioreactor range or talk to us about your customisation needs.