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Meditest Climatic Chamber

Meditest Climatic Chamber

The Meditest environmental chambers are suitable for stability testing for pharmaceuticals in accordance with ICH.

Product Description

  • 1300 L of maximum usable volume
  • 65 °C maximum
  • 90 % maximum relative humidity

2 volumes 600 and 1300L

Large volume climatic chambers for all your stability and aging tests (ICH tests)

Intuitive Use

Meditest climate chambers are equipped with 2 independent regulators for easy operation. The display makes it possible to simultaneously display the Temperature and %HR setpoint, as well as the actual Temperature and %HR.

Wide beach Operating

The Meditest enclosures generate cold, heat, humidity and are equipped with an air dryer to cover the entire ICH test range for all your aging tests.

Wide range of options

All range of options is available to answer all the requests: manual water supply tray, heat transfer additional battery, lighting, programmer, etc.


Reference Description External dimensions W x D x H (mm) Temperature range Relative humidity range
MEDI600 Climatic chamber 600L 700 x 910 x 2130 15 to 60°C 40 to 90% RH
MEDI1300 Climatic chamber 1300L 1430 x 910 x 2130 15 to 60°C 40 to 90% RH


Reference Description
SP/OPT1 Wall passage diameter 50 mm top left + sealing cap
MEDI/OPT1 Manual system for deionized water supply, tank placed under the enclosure
MEDI/ALA1 Outputs on dry contacts for alarm delay. For Meditest H600 and 1300
SP/TEMP Additional temperature probe type Pt100 OHMS
SP/HR Additional humidity sensor
MEDI/QIQO Provision of an IQ/QO file and realization of the service on the customer site


Reference Description
MEDI600/ETA 1 stainless steel shelf for Meditest/Coolstore H600. Dim W x D: 530 x 655 mm. 30 Kg max
MEDI1300/ETA 2 stainless steel shelves for Meditest/Coolstore H1300. Dim W x D: 530 x 655 mm. 30 kg max