Reference Description External dimensions H x W x L (mm) Product datasheet
BSP65 Incubator Bio Performance Static 65L 640 x 579,5 x 526
BSP125 Incubator Bio Performance Static 125L 750 x 679,5 x 626
BSP245 Incubator Bio Performance Static 245L 1230 x 679,5 x 626
Reference Description
AP/OPT3 Key lock
AP/OPT6 Fixing of 4 rollers. Diameter 80 mm including 2 with brakes
AP/OPT7 Wall passage diameter 50 mm with sealing cap
AP/OPT8 Sensor type PT 100 Ohms + DIN jack for connecting a recorder
AP/OPT9 Sensor type PT 100 Ohms, issued with verification report in 3 COFRAC points
AP/SUP Overlay kit comprising 2 spacers, a key and an explanatory note
AP/SOC1 Pedestal 1 place without casters for AP/AE/BC/BE120 and 240 H 150 mm
AP/SOC2 Pedestal 1 place with 4 casters. Diameter 80 mm including 2 with brakes for AP/AE/BC/BE120 and 240 H 250 mm
AP/QIQO Provision of an IQ/QO file and realization of the service on the customer site
Reference Description
AP/RAY1 Shelving stainless steel wire for AP/AE/BP/BE 60 (380 x 320 mm)
AP/RAY2 Shelving stainless steel wire for AP/AE/BP/BE 120 and 240 (480 x 430 mm)

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minutes of recovery time after 30 sec of door opening
years of know-how

3 volumes for all your needs

The new generations of Bio Static Performance incubators have been designed for precision incubations of powdery products from room temperature + 5 ° C to + 65 ° C. This range of natural convection incubators is available in 3 volumes: 65, 125 and 245 liters.

An interface intuitive

The range of Bio Static Performance incubators has an easy-to-use control for drying-sensitive incubation activities. Color display of the set and actual temperature in the incubator.

Protection and security

This range of incubators provides total safety for the operator, the environment and the product thanks to its class II overtemperature safety.

Maintenance fast and simple

With its national Service Team, Froilabo can respond quickly to all your requests for intervention and also offer you maintenance contracts.

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