Reference Description External dimensions W x D x H (mm) water condenser version Plug
Dragon 3 Thermal air conditioner -80°C to + 250°C 900 x 700 x 1040

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seconds to go from -55°C to + 125°C
seconds to go from + 125°C to -55°C
H/24 7d/7
Editable programs of 48 steps each

Technical Characteristics

- Dry airflow from -80°C to + 250°C as standard (optional extended range) - Adjustable air flow rate of 2.2 to 8.4 L / s (8 to 30 Nm 3 / h) - 4 axis steerable motorized arm - Very rapid temperature setting: rise and fall in rapid temperature from -55°C to + 125°C in 8 seconds and from + 125°C to -55°C in 14 seconds - Controlled ramp from 0.01°C / s to 20°C / s - Very high thermal stability ≤0.1°C - Possible use 24h / 24, 7/7 "

The interface clear and evolutionary

The large touch screen with HMI allows easy and intuitive use of the Dragon. The screen allows, among other things, access to the 3 working modes: manual, automatic or programmable, to consult and modify the 23 programmable temperature cycles (48 steps each). The Dragon is equipped with an RS232C interface and / or GPIB IEEE 488 for a perfect integration with your supervision.

The security of the operator

The Dragon is compliant with European Low Voltage and CE standards and is equipped with numerous safety features: - General disconnector in padlockable front - Electronic thermostat independent of the control loop - Touch screen with 3 levels of code access - Minimum / maximum temperature thresholds component and air parameters - Safety temperature set at the factory at + 20°C activated automatically when the system is on standby (arm up) - Automatic switchover to regulation on the air thermocouple in case of component thermocouple fault - Real-time diagnostic menu with permanent control of the Dragon's operation (refrigerant system pressure sensors, air flow and air thermocouple operation)

Ergonomics with users in mind

- Easy to use with the touch screen - Anti-condensation system in the workspace - Mobile device equipped with 4 wheels with brake - Presence of 2 guide handles to facilitate movement - At the end of a test campaign, the system blows dry air into the workspace to prepare it for the next campaign - Attenuation of airflow, noise and temperature rise to + 20°C when the arm is in the up position, automatic return to operating parameters as soon as the head is in the down position.

Options and Personalisation

The Dragon can be customized to your needs: - Extension of the temperature range to -80°C and / or + 300°C - Air dryer - Borosilicate bell - Electric arm - GPIB Interface - Footswitch (IEEE) - ESD Kit - Nozzle - Custom Silicone Plates - Customized special boxes - Different types of thermocouples

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