Climatic Chamber

A climatic chamber is an apparatus that is used to realize tests in temperature and humidity. It’s a closed space, insulated and with forced ventilation, with a variable capacity from tens to 1000 litres, conceived to optimized homogeneity.

The objective is to simulate precise environmental conditions as temperature, humidity or exposure to light, in the goal to test a product and wrapping systems, for example for packaging. A material is influenced by its physical, chemical and mechanical properties, influenced by variations of temperature and humidity.

The goal is to test and check reliability, duration, behaviour in the context of use or resistance of a product. And to detect possible defaults that could be corrected directly on prototypes.

The use of climatic chambers concerns different areas of use as test laboratories, car industry, chemical products, make-up industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

The different types of defaults are, for example, in the range of:

Detachment of assembly
Apparition of cracks
Swelling of material

At Froilabo, climatic chambers have a use covering a range of temperature between 0°C and +60°C and a variable humidity between 5% and 98%.